Elegy for 2,000 Followers

You don’t hear the term “2000 Followers” much anymore, do you? It’s kind of sad. Here’s a milestone that lies around for long periods of time looking for work, but never really doing very much. Then, coming to 2,000, things suddenly pick up and there’s a flurry of activity. The term is on everyone’s lips, and is heard in almost every conversation. It stays red-hot for several days, enjoying its popularity-seeing it’s name in other posts and reblogs, making appearances on your “Like” list. But then a peak is reached, and, after a while, things begin to slow down. The activity tapers off, and before long, it’s once again relegated to archives, several pages of reblogged stuff and nostalgia. Goodbye, poor 2,000 followers, I’m going to miss you. When I get to 4,000 followers, I may not be around to welcome you back.

But seriously, I’m really happy that I managed to make it to 2,000 followers so thank you for enjoying my stuff. I also want to thank thelunardiviner for being my 2,000th follower.

Due to all the “Goodbye Buddy” shenanigoats going on, I felt like doing something. It’s kind of hard to find a funny one when you break them up. So many fuck buddy jokes gone to waste. Oh well.

Oh Roxas swallows?

You’re surprised at this?
This one just looked hilarious considering all the fuss over the age difference between Roxas and Axel.